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Class Clinic Medical Center cooperates with federal laboratories "Dialab" and "Helix", which provide doctors with professional assistance in making a diagnosis, and patients - a decent level of service. Modern laboratory equipment allows you to automate the diagnostic process as much as possible, which minimizes the human factor, makes it possible to produce a high-quality reproducible result and provides high information content of analyzes.

hormonal, the most popular of which is the analysis of thyroid hormones. biochemical (Pharmacy Online), including biochemical blood test. a full range of general clinical studies (general blood and urine tests) professional cytological and histological studies coagulological enzyme immunoassay and chemiluminescence diagnostics of any infections assessment of immune and interferon status diagnostics of antiphospholipid syndrome PCR diagnostics of any material (scrapings, blood, urine) for a wide range of infections, including hepatitis (qualitatively, pharmaceuticals online )

The collection of biological material, its labeling and storage is carried out by the staff of the Class Clinic. The laboratories "Dialab" and "Helix" are fully responsible for the results of the analyzes.

Scientific research, based on the application of the scientific method, provides scientific information and theories to explain the nature and properties of the surrounding world. Such research can have practical applications. Scientific research can be funded by the government [2], non-profit organizations [3], commercial companies and individuals. Scientific research can be classified according to its academic and applied nature. The main goal of applied research (as opposed to basic research) is the discovery, interpretation and development of methods and systems for perfectthe advancement of human knowledge in various branches of human knowledge.